Yoruba Audio Bible Android App Finally Launched

Yoruba Audio Bible Android App Finally Launched

Finally, the long awaited Yoruba Audio Bible Android App has been launched! The entire team of the Yoruba Audio offline based app and myself thank you very much for your interest and patience in downloading our wonderful app. This app is a one of its kind that brings the word of God to you anywhere, anytime without reliability on your internet.

  Download Yoruba Audio Bible on Google Play  

What Makes our App Very Special

✔ No Internet us Required to Read Bible Text at all
✔ No Internet Required to Listen to DOWNLOADED AUDIO CHAPTERS
✔ Bi Lingual Bible including KJV Yoruba and NKJV English Language
✔ ATOKA Yoruba Bible Version – Headings and Subheadings Included
✔ English Language Switch Button bible text between Yoruba and English Language
✔ Proper Amin Yoruba and correect Audio Pronunciation
✔ Share Bible Verses on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc
✔ Drama Interactive great audio quality and correct pronunciation.
✔ Easy Navigation of Bible Books and Chapters
✔ Increase or Reduce font size to desired sight level
✔ Simple-One-Click option to download Bible Chapters
✔ Optimized Download Speed for the fastest user experience

We delayed our app release until this time because we wanted to provide our users a COMPLETELY FREE app without advertisement but due to the increasing demand we have and several other features we are yet to complete, we decided to roll out our long awaited app as a paid app which is far more cheaper than an your breakfast.

We did not plan to make this app a PAID app, our plan is to develop a Highly Robust, efficient, Super Fast and Durable App that will serve several thousands of people at the same time. Right now we do not have the full capacity to run the app to several thousands of people who need it, and we do not want to keep this app with us until we can finally achieve that, that is the more reason why we are only providing this PAID APP to limited number of users that can unlock the full potentials of our Audio Bible App for a token amount.

How Much is the App? get me right, we are not selling this app, in the future we are going to release this as a FREE APP with maybe IN APP PURCHASES, we can only run this app successfully for you as a PAID APP until we have all the resources to release if for FREE. Presently you can get a copy of Yoruba Audio Bible for just N100 in Nigeria and $2.99 in America and other Countries. This is a one time payment for a lifetime access to Yoruba Audio Bible in Yoruba with Updates. It is worth more than MTN Airtime for making calls in Nigeria and not up to a breakfast in any oversea country

  Download Yoruba Audio Bible on Google Play  

Thank you very much, please if you have any pre-sale questions, you can either send us an email, call us from the numbers on our our support page, or chat with us using the chat icon below and we promise to reply you immediately.

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