Launching of Yoruba Audio Bible App – An Offline Based Yoruba/English Old + New Testament App

Launching of Yoruba Audio Bible App – An Offline Based Yoruba/English Old + New Testament App

From, we are pleased to announce that our soon to be launched “Yoruba Audio Bible” is taking shape and we are rounding up on our efforts to deliver the best user experience for you. Due to our standard of quality and passion to deliver consumer friendly products, the official release of the app has been delayed. This would ensure that when it is finally released, you would get an app that is worth the waiting period. Our mission is to provide a bible app that will change your bible study experience totally and also give you a feel of what the Word of God can be like when studied and listened to in the native Yoruba dialect. Here are the core features we have implemented.


We have improved on our user experience to make sure you have a Bi-Lingual Bible. The Yoruba Audio Bible, which includes the OLD TESTAMENT AND NEW TESTAMENT, will be accompanies with a English KJV Bible as well. You can be able to listen to the bible in Yoruba while you swap between English and Yoruba at the same time. This will enhance and improve your assimilation and understanding of the Word of God. Our goal is to bring the word of God to our younger generations who are more used to English Language to enjoy the Word of God in Yoruba Language while having an opportunity to read along in English also.

The Older generation of the Yoruba nation is also not left out as the Yoruba Audio Bible is been coordinated in a way that will help correct all the pronunciation errors that most Yoruba bible readers frequently encounter. This will improve their overall bible reading experience and take them deeper in their devotion time.


The release of the Yoruba Bible app will solve the major problem people face when using mobile bible apps. This problem involves the need to have a solid internet connection before you can access bible texts and carry out your study. The Yoruba bible app is completely offline, once you complete the download, you will get access to the bible text and the Yoruba audio version of the bible anytime you want with or without an internet connection. With this innovation, you will have complete control over your bible study and devotion time, you get to decide when and where you want to have your bible study without internet restrictions.


Your friends on the various social media platforms can now partake from the revelations you get during your bible study. The Yoruba bible app allows you to share bible verses with your friends on social media such as facebook, twitter and other available platforms. Achieving this with the Yoruba bible app is quite easy, all you have to do is to select the verse that inspires you and you will instantly get a link that will enable you share it immediately.


The audio rendering of the Yoruba audio bible app is of top quality, we placed much emphasis on using correct Yoruba diction, pronunciation and emotion to make sure that there is no loss of meaning of the bible content. The updates that will follow after the launch of the app will contain corrections of possible diction and pronunciation errors.

Upon the release of this app, it will be the only bible app with the lowest file size; this is to make sure that the downloading of the app is smooth, fast and easy. We are committed to giving the best quality in bible app and in all related features.


Visit the bible’s download page, supply your information most importantly your e-mail address and you will get the rare privilege of being the first to know when the product is officially released.

For more information about the app and its release date, visit If you have questions or suggestions, kindly send an email to us on and we will reply you immediately, thank you very much for your time and please share this with your loved ones.


  • I’m so exited coming across this on Internet to be sincere. No more excuse. More grace and anointing to this team in Jesus’ Name.

    Afolasade Winifred Olurin Reply
    • Thank You very much Afolasade, we are glad we are doing this.

      Sanmi Ajanaku Reply
  • Very good job. I hope I can read it offline. The font is very clear and inviting. God bless.

    victoria Reply
    • Thanks Victoria, glad you love the web based version

      Sanmi Ajanaku Reply
  • Can’t I have it on my iPhone? Free download

    Faith Funmi Reply

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