Audio is not working, sound is not coming out.

1. TAP on the TEXT describing the bible book, NOT the download button.

To play, tap on the text, not on the download buttong

2. Check the volume of the phone, remove it from SILENCE or VIBRATION.

Check phone for Vibration and Silence`

3. Plug an headphone to test if there is sound and increase the volume from the headphone.

4. Did you reduce the volume of another app? e.g Youtube, increase the audio from that app.

App keep asking me to download again after I already downloaded.

This problem is mostly caused by how you use the app, you may be pressing the wrong button. To play bible books/chapters you have downloaded, do DO NOT click on the download button again.

Click on the TEXT describing the bible book and the downloaded book/chapter will play without internet.

To play, tap on the text, not on the download buttong

Already downloaded books or chapters will show GREEN color, to indicate that they are already downloaded and you don’t need internet to listen to them anymore. But, you CANNOT play the audio by pressing the download button. Download Button

Downloaded Bible Books

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