Yoruba Audio Bible in Android, IOS and other Digital forms is a product of Straleo LLC. A Nigerian and US based IT firm founded by Oluwasanmi Ayotunde and his team of hard core entrepreneurs.

How We Built this Awesome App

Little story of Yoruba Bible App Development

As at January 2015, we never imagined we will develop a Bible App. One of us was woke up with a clear dream with a divine direction to build a Yoruba Audio Bible App and 2 other major projects. Immediately on the same faithful day, Sanmi and Abiola connected on the phone to make arrangements for the recording of the Audio Bible. Only God can make this possible, we started recording in our in-house studio with Akinsola Ayodele which ended after 6 Months of non stop recording!

The Story

On the 25th of March 2015, I woke up in my office/room in Pullman, WA from a dream after praying in the night. Prior to this time, I have been working on several projects and business concepts that have been so confusing. I was praying to God to give me just one Idea that will transform my life. Having wrote a business development plan for a Music App. The written concept of the music app was superb, ground breaking and innovative for Africa but I have no funding to kick start the prototype. This was part of the huge reason that lead me into the simple prayer for JUST ONE IDEA, but in the dream, I heard a clear voice instructing me to develop THREE IDEAS and the Holy Spirit said I will only remember the other two ideas when I finish the first project. The first project is to develop a Yoruba Audio Bible App.

A Bible App? I have no plan for that; and in my mind, I did not see it coming. There are a lot of bible apps online already and I am not interested in doing anything about the bible because in my little mind, it sound scary! It is the divine word of God and I can not risk involving myself with it’s translation or transcription from one version to another. Being just a baby christian, I have read that anyone who adds to the bible or remove from it will face a huge consequence. Come to think of it, who can ever risk toiling or turning the bible, the Word of this Great Everlasting God, to a business model! I only wanted a business idea not a bible. My biggest expectation was to build a Dating Site, something I have always love to do. But to my own surprise as I write this content today, all this fear were no where to be found on the day I woke up from this dream. I just jumped up with great happiness with delight without thinking twice about what I am about to do. God said I should do it, am all for it, so far He says it, I am off my feet!

I quickly did my keyword research to find out how many people are searching for Yoruba Audio Bible and check if there is an app already for Yoruba Bible. To my amazement, there is no Audio Bible for Yoruba Bible in OLD TESTAMENT. The number of people searching for it was very low, I guess less than 400 people every month from Google Keyword Research, that dropped my morale because I was expecting for my myopic one big idea lol. To be honest, I said to myself, “let me do this project as a small one that I can give some of my time and maybe God will make me remember the other two big solid ideas” On that same very day, I knew in the heart of my hearts the very best person that will record the voice. I picked up the phone and called Abiola Oduremi in Nigeria, he did not even ask about the details of the app, he just said alright Sammy, I will get other team members who can work with us, we will set up the studio and start recording.

That was the birth of Yoruba Audio Bible, we taught it was gonna be very small and very easy. We assumed we will jump in the cubicle and start reading it like a newspaper. Little did we know that God did not tell us what we will go through to achieve this. Recording a 3 minute song in studio will make any studio engineer sweat. I was an hip hop artist few years ago and I know what it takes to record a great song. But alas we are recording the word of God with some of the chapters spanning over 50 minutes! We have to read the chapter, understand it, record, cut, edit, re-record any rough part, final edit, mix and master! We started fasting and prayer to make sure we are not really confused and we have the full backing and strength of all the hosts of heaven. The recording session that we taught will be completed in just 4 weeks took more than 5 months! Nigeria Fuel scarcity also rocked the boat for a whole month and at the end we are happy that Yoruba Audio Bible have come to stay. Only God can do this. One big lesson I have learnt from this project, If God tells you the challenges you will face to attain your greatness, you will never ever take a step due for fear. During one our meetings, Biola and I said, “If we had gone to the extreme to know the details of what recording the Bible will cost us. we would not have done this lol” So I realize it is just better to stay in the dark, close your eyes and follow God’s lead. Even though you don’t have a clue where He’s leading to. Well, God won’t even tell you lol, He only wants you to obey in faith.

The Team Members

  • Sanmi Ayotunde –  Designed the App concept, funded the audio recording and app development, designed the web version, worked with other developers to produce the Android, iOS and Web version.
  • Abiola Oduremi – Facilitated the studio recording and recited more than 90% of the Old Testament
  • Demilade Adetuberu – Financial Officer in charge of our revenue,  charity, donations and remote evangelism outreach with other Missionaries

2015 – During Production

We are amazed about how God strengthened us on the app development, we taught some part of this app was gonna take several weeks of coding but surprisingly it only took few days because every punch on the keyboard was just the right key. A lot of times when we have any problem that we need to solve, I just tell my team of developers, we should go and sleep and before we wake up in the morning, the solution has already been inspired. A great happiness floored my heart when Mohit, one of our developers,  a devotee one of the Indian idols started his salvation discussion to see the light of the gospel of Christ. I never saw that coming! Its only God. That gave me the green light that yeah! We are on the right track and his salvation meant everything to me!

January 2016 – First Launch

The Yoruba Audio Bible App was published on Google Play Store using IN APP PURCHASE. This is another story on its own, till the final production of the BETA APK version, I never ever had any idea of monetizing  the app, if I even wanted to monetize it, I don’t know how (I had no clue, no idea, I was just point blank) Then suddenly, the still little voice again, He said put $2.99 for US users, lock the streaming and make it only available to Nigerians. I clearly rebuked this voice, I said NO NO NO because I taught it was my mind playing tricks on me. I didn’t listen! I said no, even though it truly makes sense to use in app purchase and lock the streaming to some part of the world and unlock it to other parts, I believe its supposed to be free and the fair price is $0.99. Trust me, I never went to Business School and sometimes my pricing in most of my projects are far too low which makes people wonder if I can really deliver to expectation. I know I have that small courage problem when it comes to pricing and decision making and its clearly one  reasons why I said no to that voice. As a matter of fact, I released the BETA version of the app as FREE! On the final day of launching the app, I knew in my heart of hearts about what I have heard, it was not my idea, it was not my motive and I said to myself, okay, I will TEST if people can really take the app for such $2.99, with weak scared fingers, I typed it and cowardly joyfully embraced N100 for Nigerian Users even though I knew I wasn’t obedient. Then I made a vow, “God this is your company, take full procession, You are the CEO, every 51% sales on this app will go into churches, ministries, NGOs, etc, I want to be your partner and manager, You will tell me what to do with the remaining 49%, You (God) haven’t asked of me to do this but I have already decided, it’s your company, whatever you want to be done am ready” and I hit publish. I was amazed beyond words that before the end of that very day, some people responded from the email list I have collected for the app and they bought the app without asking questions. I said Thank You Jesus and went back to error debugging and testing lol.

Financial Statement

Presently none of our team including myself have spent 1 kobo from any revenue on YorubaBible.net Android App and we are not planning to put ourselves in that yoke until we know what God wants us to do with the company. I have amassed millions of wealth in my little short street life and given up everything up for restitution, I don’t want to go back into that same ordeal and prayer anymore, the worst money you can ever mismanage is the money that is related to church and God. You can mismanage the devil or peoples money and later restitute your ways with God. But when you mismanage Gods money, He will personally handle your case and who will be your lawyer in Gods court of judgment? I am 100% sure that when its time, God in his own awesome power will direct us into the management of the remaining 49% income from YorubaBible.net. Our gross expenses were not documented because I choose not to document them, I knew if we were putting it into writing, we may get scared during the recording and development of the app.

Our Achievements

We are happy for where God have brought us to thus far, we are amazed and surprised that in the first Month of launching the Bible App, we have over 1000 downloads without any Advertisement. The only time i placed an ad was on Facebook for 2 weeks before we even launched the app, I used the ad to test if people would respond to such app and I had to shut down the add when I got great feedback. It’s so promising that we could have that number of Downloads in just one month without any advert for a religious app. In less than 3 Months, we have successfully released several updates, fixed bugs and the download jumped to 3,499 as at the time of writing this article on February 5 2016. I am sure if we are very serious with this app, we will have 20,000 downloads in a month. Presently I am the only person giving little of my time to the app, I hardly even post on its facebook page, I don’t think I have touched the facebook page for almost a month!

Our Expectations

YorubaBible.net and myself is open to like minded people who really want to contribute to this app, anyone is welcome, entrepreneurs, reciters, developers, marketers, bible researchers, investors, bible institutes, NGO or any part of this project that you believe you can handle. I presently own Straleo LLC, a US based and  Registered company, I have other Startup Business Models such as eventlords.com, learnanythingo.com, singlesmatchnow.com and other yet to develop startups. I keep working everyday and thinking about how to grow the YorubaBible.net project into a much more bigger platform with much bigger dreams that some minds cannot imagine. Presently I already know that we will be recording several other languages and we will be the first to be used by God to produce the next Translated Version of the Yoruba Bible.

That been said and done, I look forward to interested individuals, personnel and entrepreneurs who want us to work together on this project to take the Kingdom of God into every home on the planet.

Meet The Team

Sanmi Ayotunde
Sanmi Ayotunde

Sanmi Ayotunde

App Developer & Designer

Founder and Team Leader responsible for software development and upgrades.
Abiola Oduremi
Abiola Oduremi

Abiola Oduremi

Bible Reciter

A singer and true worshiper. Biola leads the Audio Production, Diction and Pronunciation.

So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.

Where You Can Find Us?

In Spokane, WA

5214 South Stone Lane,
Spokane, WA, USA.

In Lagos, NG of course

9 Tolu Aluko Street, Morgan Estate,
Ojudu-Berger, Lagos, Nigeria.

support team support@yorubabible.net

Job opportunities

We have employment opportunities for Marketing Experts, Developers, Writers, Social Media and several other opportunities that you can contribute to YorubaBible.net