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We also have the web based version of our Yoruba Bible via ONLINE STREAMING for people who prefer to listen and read the Bible from their Computer from the comfort of their home and office.

Bible Without Internet

Purchase the IN APP SUBSCRIPTION to Download the Audio Bible Books to enjoy the Bible Offline from anywhere and anytime without any Internet on your Phone.

Why Choose Us

We want you to enjoy your bible everywhere and any time without any internet restriction. This Yoruba Bible App once downloaded does not need any online streaming to read the text of the Bible, you can pull up your mobile device from anywhere without Internet Service and Study The Word of God.

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Our Audio Bible is rendered at quality audio standards. We place emphasis on correct Yoruba diction, the right pronunciation and emotions that reflects the true meanings of every sentence. We correct every possible pronunciation or diction error with our evolving time to time updates

You can share verses of the scripture with your friends on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. To share your Bible verse, just select the verse you want and share the Bible Verse immediately.

As you listen to the Bible in Yoruba and read along, you can also swipe your Bible App to translate every chapter to other available languages while enjoying the Yoruba Audio Version.


Behind The App

Abiola Oduremi
Abiola Oduremi

Abiola Oduremi

Bible Reciter

A singer and true worshiper. Biola leads the Audio Production, Diction and Pronunciation.
Sanmi Ayotunde
Sanmi Ayotunde

Sanmi Ayotunde

App Developer & Designer

Founder and Team Leader responsible for software development and upgrades.
Demilade Adetuberu

Demilade Adetuberu

Chief Financial Officer

Simple God fearing Demilade takes care of our Finance, Donation, Charity and Remote Evangelism (more…)
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Your Recent Questions about Yoruba Audio Bible

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How to Make Payments for the Yoruba Audio App on Google Play

Are you having problems in purchasing our Yoruba Audio App? I have been receiving support emails that Google Play are not accepting some Bank Cards especially from Nigeria and other parts of Africa. So I […]

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Yoruba Audio Bible Android App Finally Launched

Finally, the long awaited Yoruba Audio Bible Android App has been launched! The entire team of the Yoruba Audio offline based app and myself thank you very much for your interest and patience in downloading our […]

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